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Welcome To Fighting Fit India Training Academy

Group Martial Arts/ Kickboxing/ MMA Classes And Personal Training

"Fighting fit is not about just fighting in the ring or in street it's a battle within." This is a belief focal to the fighting fit philosophy and drives our martial art training and fitness programs. Fighting Fit started as the brainchild of Shihan Hemal Shah in 1997 and has grown from a relatively small operation to an organization that embraces martial arts as a way to reach a wider audience. In his own words “I have been a martial artist since almost 3 decades and have reached a high level of proficiency in different forms of Marital arts. A 6th Dan in jujitsu, 6th Dan in Kickboxing, 4th Dan in Karate, awarded hall of fame by US Martial arts association, a Member and Director with the International Street Fight Union, a Member of World Kobudo Federation, are enough credentials to call myself an expert in martial arts.

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