Defend a woman and she is safe for a day
Teach her to defend herself and she is safe for life.

A lot of martial arts schools and instructors are teaching self defense.

Most of them teach sports or demonstration based martial arts which takes a long time to develop the skills and may also require a certain amount of strength.

We at Fighting Fit bring to you

SHE-Simple Handy Effective techniques taken from reality based martial arts such as jiujitsu, kali and krav maga which take a short time to master And... you do not need strength to execute them. In fact you use the opponents force against them.

During the course of this 4 hour Self defense, workshop we will give you enough concepts and skills to help you build your own self-protection strategies.

It does not require years of practice and might not look very elegant, but can dramatically increase your chances of coming out of a sticky situation Safe!

iFight is a 15 hour workshop spread over 2 days. A Self Defence training program/ Women empowerment initiative by Fighting Fit- Shinkali India. More elaborate than SHE.

Not just kick/punch, they learn throws, takedowns, ground and pound, locks, chokes. The participants also learn to use everyday objects like pen, keys, sunglasses, scarf etc for self defense and the most important aspect of an attack- the presence of mind in evading or defending an attack.

Training Methodology of both SHE and iFight is Interactive and experiential learning through role-plays, case studies, simulations and participative modes of learning. The only thing we want from the participants, if possible, is to carry their own partner to beat up.

Fighting Fit- Shinkali India has successfully conducted these programs for corporate offices like Aditya Birla, Wadia group, Motilal Oswal, KPMG and more.

Please note: These programs are apart from the regular Kickboxing, Kali, MMA, self defense classes that we conduct across various locations in and around Mumbai.

Feel free to call or email for further details, clarification and charges.