Shinkali India

Shinkali India is presenting a basic training in


We would be teaching -
CQC- Theory and practice
20-25 hours

Types of knife      

Anatomy of Knife, Attack and Human body.( biomechanical attacks & its effects )      

Grips- Saber, Modified Saber (2 variations), Icepick.

Filipino Numbering system of attacks.with knife & kali (Angles / Directions of attacks )

Stance and Footwork.

Solo and partner training drills.

Knife Throwing.

Knife / kali defence and disarms from KravMaga, Filipino & Jiujitsu systems.

Use of baton , Kobutan , peper speay and drills for the same.

Transfer from weapon to empty hand combat.

Use of improvised & unconventional functional weapons like hammer, screwdriver, pen etc....

Training charges- Rs15000/-
Training hours 20 to 25 hours

Our sincere belief is that to be an Expert / Teacher takes experience and that can only happen as time progresses.
When we teach it’s mainly knowledge and situation drills that one may experience in real life threatening situation.
These are just drills to consistently train.
one can share these drills with others.
But it’s very different from being a master or teacher.
It is a dangerous position to be in when taking the responsibility of people’s lives . Their mastery must come from the training hours they put in to develop their technique and muscle memory.
When we teach we tell every one that these are drills to create awareness and physical endurance, but it does not make one a master.
We guide and tutor your growth, but we cannot give the false mastery of something which one needs to grow with practice and experience by training regularly.
Hope you understand that we feel we are responsible for what we teach to others and their lives are our responsibility.

Training equipment required from your side would include :

A rubber, fiber or wooden knife per participant.

Eye protection glasses.

mma or hocky gloves

In recent times there has been many violent attacks using impact or edged weapon, everyday in news we read attacks happned with bamboo stick or knife. as our sensei says "the best way to defend your self against a weapon, is to know how WEAPON WORKS". Introducing a short 30 to 35 hours intense "WEAPON WORKS"

Workshop for edged & impact based weapons including peper spray, kobutan and improvised weapons like pen , hammer, screwdriver, newspaper, coins, keys etc , empty hand defence and correct technique of using peper spray and more