Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel

Martial Arts and Fitness Instructor

Sanjay patel one of the co-founder member of Fighting fit has been in martial art field since 6th August 1987. In his 32 years of experience he has been lucky to learn style of martial arts from top level of Indian masters as well as international Masters and won medals and trophies in state and national level competitions.

Sanjay Patel believes one should not stop learning and he always says " I'm the teacher who teaches and student who learns", because of his this attitude he has not stopped himself at one art form and went on learning different forms of Martial arts like karate, jiu jitsu, Eskrima, Taichi, kickboxing and Capoeira.

Details of ranks and awards and workshops can be seen below.

Sanjay Patel has also been passionate about yoga as much as Martial arts from the beginning. So when he expanded is horizon in the field of fitness industry, he got himself certified in power yoga, Tara style Power Yoga, pilates, kettlebell, functional training, metabolic training and personal fitness trainer certification also.

Sanjay Patel started with fitness kickboxing classes at QI gym churchgate and Personal trainings in south Mumbai.

Soon he had became well known in south Mumbai as a fitness and kickboxing instructor among celebrities and big businessman's and took Fighting Fit to the next level by generating good business for their employees across Mumbai.

Sanjay Patel plays a important role in fighting fit company as team builder, policy setting and business generation into personal training segment.

Achievements in Martial arts fields

Indian karate ( September 2019 )
      * got 5th degree black belt.

International jiu jitsu Mauritius (2016)
      * 6th dan (degree) black belt.

International street fight union ( Italy )
      * 4th dan black belt in "Combat Kickboxing".

All Japan jujitsu international federation
      * awarded life time member

Jiu jitsu international (UK)
       * 5th Dan black belt

World kobudo Federation (UK)
      * 3rd Dan black belt in karate

Jiu jitsu International (2007)
      * became board of directors and head of the event and training committee

Jiu jitsu International (2006)
      O *Awarded lifetime membership.

All india karate-do Federation (March05)
       * 2nd Dan black belt

Railway police
       * conducted karate training for candidates

Krav maga ( 2012 )
      * Grade p1

      * yellow belt


Usui Shiki Ryoho (5th June 05)
      Creiki Method Of Natural Healing

Manas Int. Of Wellness And Fitness
      Power Yoga (MAY 2010)

Fit 2 Function (SEP 2011)
      Functional Fitness TRAINING

Fit 2 Function (SEP 2011)
      Kettle Bell Workshop

The Bombay City Ambulance Corps.
      Jamshedji Tata Ambulance Collage
      (MARCH 2012)

K11 Fitness Academy (JUNE 2012)
      Certified Fitness Trainer

INT. Kettlebell & Fitness Federation
      Steve Cotter's Body Weight And Kettlebell Workshop

Satrala University (NEW YORK)
      Power Yoga Training (NOV 2013)

EBFA (Evidence Based Fitness Academy)
      Barefoot Training Specialist

ACSM (JUNE 2014)
      Heart Rate Training For Runners Workshop

Reebok Resolution 2015
      (David Jack) Reebok Global Master Trainer

Reebok Instructors Alliance (MAY 2016)
      Reebok Core Pilates Trainer


Times Out Mumbai (Outlook Mag.)
     * One Of The Best 10 Workout In Mumbai. (JAN 26th 2007)

Mumbai Mirror Mon 22nd JANUARY 2007
     * Jiu Jitsu Meri Jaan (Bombay Buck)

Hindustan Times (Fitness Zone)
     Sunday 30th Dec 2007

Friday 7th Dec 2007
     * Try Kicking To Loose Weight

Brides Now Magazine (Feb 2008)

Hindustan Times (30th Nov 2008).
     Lives Navi Mumbai
     * Belting It Out
     Awarded 5th Dan (Black Belt)
     By Soke Richard Morris (U.K)

Martial Arts Samurai
     (Martial Art News Paper)
      * As One Of The Officials Of The INT. Seminar

Tuesday 1ST June 2010
      Mid Day (Wellness Section Every Tuesday)
     * Work Up a Sweat At Home

Mid Day 11TH Jan 2011
     (Wellness Section Every Tuesday)
     * As Expert Comment On Different Fitness Workout

Mid Day 4TH Oct 2011
     (Hitlist Health)       * The Toon School Of Fitness

Mumbai Mirror (31st August 2013)
      * Powder Tripping

The Voice Of Malabar Hills (May 2016)
      * Health Care & Sports

Memorable Moments

Hapkido Federation India (2016) Affiliated Moohakkwan Australia
     * Hapkido Instructor Course

Combat Kali (2016)
     * weapons workshop by Kit Acenas ( knife and Eskrima )

Krav Maga global (2012 & 2013)
     * self defense workshop by Master Eyal Yanilov ( Israel )

International jiu jitsu seminar (2008& 09)
     * participated as an official instructor
     Also got chance to learn with legend late master Richard Morris (UK)